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Wastewater system upset requires a fast, effective response. In a wastewater plant, the biggest variable that an operator can’t easily change is the influent. When next-generation disinfectants, like Quats, or even household cleaners like bleach come into a plant an operator can respond quickly and effectively to a wastewater system upset due to toxicity. It doesn’t make sense to try and remove toxins inside the liquor mix of your plant. The more straight-forward approach is to rebuild the population of floc-forming bacteria. VitaStim Rebuild is a remarkably effective tool for that rebuild effort. You can get your system running again after an upset. VitaStim Rebuild contains a combination of select bacteria and biostimulants to provide the conditions for a biomass regrowth cycle. The bacteria in VitaStim Rebuild replace your dying population of bacteria. While the biostimulants promote a vital regrowth and rebounding cycle for the bacteria to thrive. We also recommend VitaStim Rebuild for new plants looking to achieve a quick and efficient launch for their biomass.

VitaStim Rebuild is a treatment product for wastewater system upset


A system upset invariably causes operator challenges. Some of the signs of system upset are:

  • a rise in pH
  • an increase in TSS
  • an upward spike in ammonia levels
  • a drop in dissolved oxygen levels, and
  • more sludge production

Wastewater plant upsets are becoming more common because the next generation of disinfectants and biocides, used in hospitals, food production and industry, are more stable. This includes peracetic acid (PAA) and Quaternary Ammonium compounds (Quats). This stability in disinfectants means they are an excellent and indiscriminate biocide – the chemistry is designed so that the biocide works for an extended period of time, killing multiple bacteria – including beneficial bacteria in a wastewater plant. Disinfectants in your wastewater plant aren’t the only type of upset, heavy rain events can bring in a new mix of toxins, also requiring biomass rebuilds.

Check out our blog post and video on the science of system upsets.

If you have the signs of a system upset – call us for correcting dosing and help with a biomass rebuild plan.



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  • algae blooms
  • bad odours
  • fish kills
  • high pH and TSS levels
  • summer turnovers
  • excessive weeds


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