VitaStim Polar Winter BOD Treatment

Bacteria support in winter temperatures is a challenge in our northern climate. Beat the cold weather slump for your bacteria with VitaStim Polar, it brings lab-researched, cold loving microorganisms to your wastewater plant or lagoon. You can successfully build a healthy biomass that thrives in the cold. Customer feedback has reported significant decreases in effluent BOD (30 – 60 percent) when properly dosed and applied. 

VitaStim Polar – Winter BOD Treatment works best when you need it most in temperatures as low as 5° Celsius. The product design degrades the seasonal wastes from your municipality, including phenols and surfactants, which often have significant volume increase over traditional holiday periods.

To help improve overall bacteria performance in both VitaStim Polar and already occurring bacteria, a booster mix of probiotic components has been added to the blend.


VitaStim Polar provides bacteria support in winter in wastewater processes with cold loving microorganisms

The Science & Long-term Benefits 

When you maintain year-round consistency in beneficial bacteria populations in lagoons and other parts of your wastewater system, you do not experience seasonal sludge accumulation at the same rate. When summers are short in the North (almost all of Canada), the extended period of low biomass activity increases the rate of sludge accumulation and the costs of sludge management, including dredging, dewatering and disposal. 

Build a healthy biomass that reflects consistent bacteria support in winter and thrives in the cold with VitaStim Polar and enjoy the benefits of improved settling, overall sludge reduction, improved dewatering (lowering life cycle costs), assists in foam control, and increased bacteria metabolism in challenging winter conditions. 


Reduce BOD (biological oxygen demand)



Wastewater systems

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  • algae blooms
  • bad odours
  • fish kills
  • high pH and TSS levels
  • summer turnovers
  • excessive weeds


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