• MBBR Carrier Media

Mutag Biochip 30™ Premium MBBR Carrier Media

The Mutag Biochip 30™ is a high performance mixed bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) carrier that provides a protected active surface area of more than 5000 m²/m3

The Biochip 30™ is the latest innovation high performance MBBR media, with an exceptional surface ratio to size, which can improve the overall efficiency in your waste water treatment system.

The Biochip 30™ can be utilized in the following biological treatment processes:

  • Denitrification
  • Nitrification
  • COD Removal

Less carrier volume required than other MBBR designs

With a protected active surface area of more than 5,500 m²/m³ a lower volume of carrier media is required to achieve an equivalent amount of active biomass resulting in a reduction of tank size or an increase in reserve capacity.

A visual representation of the differences in carrier volume based on MBBR Biochip 30 design specifications.

Lower mixing energy costs

The shape and density of the Mutag Biochip 30™ allow it to be easily mixed with minimal energy inputs.


Unsurpassed durability

With a homogeneous outer ring protecting the pore structure from cuts, damage and abrasion the Mutag Biochip 30™ has unparalleled longevity.

Optimized diffusion depth

With a thickness of 1.1mm the Mutag Biochip 30™ allows substrate and oxygen to fully diffuse into all of the biomass.

Resistant to bioclogging

The shape of the Mutag Biochip 30™ allows for the mixing action in the tank to shear off excess biomass preventing clogging from the build up of inactive biomass.


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Algae Control Canada offers full design services including:

  • MBBR plant design
  • Process air supply design
  • Retention screen design
  • Tank design
  • Process engineering

The Mutag Biochip 30™ can be used in the following applications:

  • Compact / containerized treatment plants
  • Municipal / domestic sewage treatment (COD removal, nitrification, ANAMMOX)
  • Pulp & paper industry
  • Coke oven plants, steel industry
  • Fish-farming, aquaculture, koi carp ponds, swimming ponds
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food & beverage industry, slaughterhouses
  • Centrate water treatment (ANAMMOX)
  • Chemical effluent treatment, textile factories


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Algae Control Canada serves industry and agriculture sectors that utilize water as a tool in their production systems and have a responsibility in returning the water to a sustainable, healthy profile.


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We work with rural municipalities to large cities that understand wastewater, stormwater, community access ponds and other water projects all have the same things in common: budgets, stakeholders and measureable outcomes.


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Community-owned and fully private water ownership are a privilege. We work with owners and managers to achieve socially and ecologically sustainable, healthy water ecosystems.


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  • algae blooms
  • bad odours
  • fish kills
  • high pH and TSS levels
  • summer turnovers
  • excessive weeds


  • Private lakes & ponds
  • industrial wastewater treatment
  • storm water ponds
  • tailing ponds
  • industrial & agriculture