Use Greasezilla to degrade and remove grease in lift stations. It will work on hardened grease in lift stations. It will also help restaurants and other food businesses that produce high levels of biological fats, oils and greases address the problem of grease near the source.

GreaseZilla’s hydrophilic bacterial cultures safely degrade and remove hardened grease and lower hydrogen sulphide. This biological action allows grease to be effectively digested. GreaseZilla can be combined with Bug on a Rope for a high impact on grease in a lift station.

GreaseZilla is used to remove and degrade grease in wastewater systems. Safe and effective


Hit the Easy Target

Your lift station is the optimum location to degrade grease – before it travels to other sections of your wastewater treatment system. When you send grease or the harmful byproducts from the reaction created by citric-based oil separator products further into a system, you create new problems to solve. Problems like foaming or major upsets. Greasezilla contains no petroleum solvents, it’s non-flammable and gentle on your system. 

Choose to treat and remove grease in lift stations with bacteria that actually degrade grease instead of just melting and pushing it forward to resolidify and form the basis for foaming in other areas.

Lift stations aren’t the only place to attack grease. Restaurant grease traps and drain lines are an ideal application. Not only does the business owner enjoy less hassle from grease buildup, it’s safe to use because it doesn’t have caustic chemicals and it also doesn’t allow grease to accumulate in municipal wastewater systems. 

Benefits of GreaseZilla

  • Degrades hardened grease on lift station walls
  • Safe – no solvents
  • Easy to apply – plan to use it for holiday overloads
  • Fast-Acting


Grease control


Municipal wastewater 

Industrial wastewater (with grease accumulation)


Agriculture (dairy)

Food manufacturing


Lift stations

Sewer lines 

Grease traps

Wet wells

Drain lines

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