VitaStim Dynamic Duo – Wastewater Ammonia Removal

Ammonia removal requires specific products and strategies to be fast and effective. When your aerobic wastewater plant experiences a rapid drop in nitrification from either cold conditions or toxicity, use VitaStim Dynamic Duo for ammonia removal and fast recovery.

This product is a duo: Ammonia Assimilators quickly remove ammonia and VitaStim Nitrifiers to bring nitrification right back. This product is for aerobic wastewater treatment plants.

VitaStim Dynamic Duo is best used with a clear understanding of your unique wastewater conditions: including any plant design limitations, current bacterial population and any chemical additives you are currently using. To achieve optimal nitrification, it’s important to understand the conditions causing the current upset and deliver the right amount of fast-acting nitrifiers.

This product will bring back nitrification, but it requires specific care and handling.  It is shipped by courier and must be refrigerated. Additionally, because it is a duo, the two products can’t be mixed until applied in your system. 

VitaStim Dynamic Duo is used for ammonia removal and system recovery in wastewater

Due to the unique nature of the product and the possible urgency of your situation, this product is available for purchase by phone. Call  1-888-466-0031


Ammonia Removal and Recovery Boost


Municipal wastewater 

Industrial wastewater



Rendering Facilities


Aerobic wastewater treatment plants

Rapid Response

VitaStim Dynamic Duo requires refrigerated handling and on-site mixing of both (duo) products. We cannot stock this product, it is directly shipped to customers in the correct dosing quantities. 

To rapidly respond to ammonia in your plant, please contact us to ensure the fastest possible shipping times and proper quantities. 

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  • algae blooms
  • bad odours
  • fish kills
  • high pH and TSS levels
  • summer turnovers
  • excessive weeds


  • Private lakes & ponds
  • industrial wastewater treatment
  • storm water ponds
  • tailing ponds
  • industrial & agriculture