Recover From Toxicity-Induced Wastewater System Upset

Posted by on Apr 9, 2020 in Blog, Wastewater

Operators want to avoid a toxicity-induced wastewater system upset. It’s easy to understand why. A system upset comes with real problems like:

  • a rise in pH
  • an increase in TSS
  • an upward spike in ammonia levels
  • a drop in dissolved oxygen levels, and
  • more sludge production

For operators when you see the signs of a system upset your best response is to rebuild your healthy bacteria base. You can increase its vitality and recreate the conditions of a healthy and functioning process. 

What is the Cause?

More toxins in your influent are the top reason for a system upset. The chemicals designed to kill harmful bacteria in health-care, food production and home disinfection can make their way into the wastewater system. Once these toxic chemicals are in your wastewater influent, they continue to destroy both harmful and beneficial bacteria.

Other events that trigger system upsets:

  • a change in temperature,
  • low food (offseason in a vacation town) or
  • seasonal slug loads of fats, oils and grease (FOGs).

How to Solve a Wastewater System Upset?

Once toxins have entered your wastewater system you will be able to see the visible signs of beneficial bacteria diminishing. Symptoms like less floc and an increase in TSS. The best response is to rebuild bacteria.

The core products most often needed to solve your immediate problem of not enough floc-forming bacteria when a system upset occur are:

  1. Rebuild floc-forming bacteria: VitaStim Rebuild
  2. Strengthen the floc that your bacteria use to protect themselves: CounterQuat
  3. Feed and restore bacteria: Smart BOD
  4. Deal with ammonia: VitaStim Dynamic Duo

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These products are backed by years of science, research and testing.

This recorded webinar, by our US-based laboratory will help you understand why the science of system upsets is solved by a rapid recovery approach. We’re proud to be the Canadian distributor for the products you can see below.


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