VitaStim Grease – FOG Reducer

Do you need to control foaming in wastewater? Do you have high levels of grease and fatty acids? VitaStim Grease – FOG Reducer will reduce grease, filaments and sludge production and help you control foaming. This product works directly on FOGs in lagoons, lift stations, and other portions of a wastewater system. Operators can directly manage this easy-to-apply product where FOGs are accumulating and causing foam. It is very effective in aerobic environments where foaming and acid conditions may occur.

VitaStim Grease – FOG Reducer contains bacterial cultures, key bio-vitamins and bio-stimulants to boost and improve the bacterial processes in your system. This product is highly concentrated and delivers specialized bacillus cultures that are highly productive. 

VitaStim Grease controls foaming in wastewater

Restaurants, agriculture, and food production can all safely use this product to control foaming in wastewater systems integrated into their facilities. Proper dosing calculations are available to ensure that the quantities used are effective, budget-friendly and keep a small system balanced. Call us to determine a dosing program that works for your system specifications.

If you are an industrial or municipal user with settling ponds or lagoons, use VitaStim Grease to help manage sludge bulking in addition to foam control. This product is especially effective for municipalities with upstream food production and industry contributors with “grandfathered” status effluent standards that might not be as stringent as more modern regulations for discharge that becomes influent to your system.


Grease control 

Foam control


Municipal wastewater

Industrial wastewater

Meat-packing plants

Food processing


Wastewater plants

Sewer lines 

Lift stations

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  • algae blooms
  • bad odours
  • fish kills
  • high pH and TSS levels
  • summer turnovers
  • excessive weeds


  • Private lakes & ponds
  • industrial wastewater treatment
  • storm water ponds
  • tailing ponds
  • industrial & agriculture