VitaStim Sludge Reducer – Reduce how Often You Dredge Your Lagoon Sludge

Manage your sludge and effluent with bacteria-based application and reduce how often you need to dredge your lagoon sludge. VitaStim Sludge Reducer will reduce and degrade difficult wastes in your lagoon by using a mix of bio-stimulants, probiotics and bacterial cultures.

Depending on your situation (location, etc) VitaStim Sludge Reducer can reduce the sludge layer in your lagoon at up to 90 percent less than the cost of dredging. The bacteria and bio-stimulants in Sludge Reducer can reduce the sludge layer by up to 30-60 percent by consuming organics. This mirrors the benefits of mechanical removal of sludge: improvement in TSS, better BOD and less odour.

VitaStim Sludge Reducer is ideal for Canadian late spring, summer and early fall, when atmospheric temperatures are between 17° and 24° Celsius. For the hottest days, depending on your region, you may require VitaStim Summer Slam, call us to pre-order. To boost performance, VitaStim is often combined with OxyPaks XL (granular oxygen) and Bug Juice (to catalyse insoluble BOD).

VitaStim Sludge Reducer is used for reducing sludge accumulation in lagoons and ponds


Sludge is a challenge for lagoons in colder climates because lower temperatures slow the biological processes that reduce sludge accumulation. VitaStim Sludge Reducer is part of the seasonally optimized series of VitaStim products, designed to increase beneficial bacteria that digest the sludge. By matching the right product to the air temperature, lagoon-sludge can be managed to the lowest possible rate of accumulation. You can reduce how often you need to dredge your lagoon sludge.

This means less dredging.

VitaStim products are priced well below the cost of dredging, so your budget can operate an ongoing plan to control sludge by degrading it.

Lowered sludge blanket thickness happens through the specially selected bacteria in VitaStim. Chosen for their capacity to degrade sludge, VitaStim bacteria work on municipal and industrial wastewater effluent BOD and organic challenges like: proteins, grease and complex starches, even paper. By degrading organics in the water column, lagoons and ponds will see positive reductions in TSS, BOD and CSS.


Sludge Reduction 


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Sludge Data Management 

We offer detailed data services for lagoon bathymetry to track sludge reduction in your lagoon. This valuable service will help reduce costs over time because of increased dosing accuracy, longer cycles between dredging and more consistent management of lagoon nutrient load. Contact Us to learn more. 

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